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A team of professionals will conduct the various interactive sessions. Every Busy Bee participant will be provided with all the raw materials, daily lunch, a group photograph in a branded frame, a certificate of participation, and a host of other goodies. The CHRYSALIS Busy Bee Fun Factory was conceptualized and designed to meet the main objective of providing a child with a memorable experience. In order to achieve this objective we have designed the CHRYSALIS Busy Bee Fun Factory, on the basis of the criteria that has been listed below:

as the mode of instruction: " Learning through Fun" enables greater retention of the lessons that are taught.

Personality Development
through exposure to the Performing & Creative Arts.

Custom projects
to enable the child to learn the fundamentals in just 9 days.

Positive, healthy and Competitive environment
to draw out the latent talent in the child

"Build a Bee Hive"
A motivational program that will encourage your child to be friendly, kind, helpful and well behaved. Instructors will reward them with a Honey Comb Cell every time your child exhibits these values. The cells are collected and pasted to form a Bee Hive. The child with the most number of Honey Comb Cells will be rewarded.

"Bees day out"
All the Busy Bees are encouraged to take part in this fun based trip

"Parents Plus"
To provide all learning material, raw material, drinking water, the daily snack & drink for each child so that only the pick up & drop are left to the parents.

Photo Op
to capture the memory of the Fun Factory.

Stage performance and Exhibition
will serve as a platform to showcase their talent. For the Grand Finale, on the last day of course, participants will put on display all they have created, as well as take part in a Variety Entertainment segment showcasing all that they have learnt in just a week…guaranteed to knock the socks off proud parents and viewers! The `Busy Bee of the Year` award will be presented to the best all- rounder in each category. Great prizes await winners in many other contests, too. What's more, a special contest is open for the parents of the participants, too!

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Chrysalis Busy Bee Fun Factory